June 2018

Chakufwa Chihana, the Forgotten Warrior

Written by Gregory Gondwe – Malawi Best Blogger 2014 Chakufwa Tom Chihana is a name that is associated with multiparty politics of Malawi when the talk is in different shade where politicians are trying to…


By Inno Chanza At Likoma the Anglicans were also more into football. By 1910 the Anglicans at Likoma came with a book of rules standardising the game of football for the first time in Nyasaland….

The History of the Nyanja and Their Maravi Empire

And their subtribes of the Zimba, Chewa, Mang’anja, Chipeta, Nsenga, Mtumba, Mbo.💥 Written By Inno Chanza The Maravi were led into Nyasaland in the 12th century by Kalonga Mazizi down to Karonga in Nyasaland where…