Press Statement on Adoption of Motion to Legalise Industrial Hemp In Malawi


Press Statement             

Dated Thursday the 16th June 2016.


KEMET forum which is a network of progressively minded Africans in Malawi primarily aiming at critically discussing and disseminating the hidden, distorted, misrepresented or unspoken truth about the continent of Africa, would like to commend the Members of Parliament of the Malawi National Assembly for taking initial steps towards re-considering the status of Industrial hemp and let alone cannabis as far as the Laws of Malawi are concerned during their deliberations today.

More importantly, we welcome the passing on the motion today introduced by Hon. Boniface Kadzamira to distinguish Industrial hemp from other varieties of cannabis and then regard Industrial hemp as a viable agricultural crop that can be cultivated in Malawi for economic and other industrial uses.

We would like to reiterate that this motion that the honorable members discussed and passed today, is overwhelmingly supported by over 20,000 scientific studies published within the last 10 years which have confirmed that Industrial hemp has enormous industrial and nutritional values. Unlike marijuana (another variety of cannabis), Industrial hemp contains little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In otherwords, Industrial hemp (as one variety of cannabis) has no undesirable psychoactive effects associated with another variety of cannabis called marijuana.

And more so, as Kemet Forum has always argued, there are new technologies which allow Industrial hemp to be processed into bio-degradable plastics, construction materials, car/air craft body parts, clothing, oil, fuel, food, ropes, paper and many more important items.

Hence, we implore the Members of Parliament to expeditely take further steps to reform the existing laws and then enact a Bill on Industrial hemp to make it possible for the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp under appropriate regulations and licensing so that the above mentioned by-products can be produced locally and exported for the country to earn the much needed forex which has always been inadequate to support the country’s developmental endeavors.

In this regard, the particular laws that we propose to be amended accordingly are the Dangerous Drugs Act and the Noxious Weeds Act which both classify all varieties of cannabis including Industrial hemp as substances or plants that are valueless and extremely harmful to society contrary to the overwhelming scientific evidence readily available.

Lastly, we strongly believe that a well-regulated hemp industry by an Act of Parliament,  has a huge potential to attract investments in the growing, processing and retail of industrial hemp (and its products) thereby creating jobs for Malawians. This then entails that the hemp industry remains an unrealized potential source for government revenue through taxation and exporting.

Kemet Forum stands ready to work with the relevant authorities and other stakeholders to decimate information on Industrial hemp and also to actively participate in the consultation processes of drafting a Bill on the hemp industry for the consideration of Parliament.

Signed                                                                                                      Signed


Alvin Ngoma                                                                                   Sangwani Msofi

Secretary                                                                         Chairperson


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