Lute Mwahimba Grenade

Type of hand granade that Yatuta Chisiza and lieutenants used during the Mwanza “war”

MIJ Radio fm has today, sunday the 7th of October 2017, aired Episode No. 2 (of five) on the Mwanza “war” of October 1967. To listen to this episode, please click here.

In this Episode No. 2, Frank Jiya continues to provide the context within which the Mwanza “war” broke out. He goes further to recall and narrate the actual combat how it happened leading to the death of Yatuta Chisiza and Lutengano Mwahimba during the final battle.

In the same episode, Frank Jiya as the only combatant from the “rebels” side still alive today, also explains how himself and the other four “rebels” managed to escape capture and found their way to safety across the boarder into Mozambique and finally Zambia while eight of their colleagues were rounded up by Malawi’s security forces, tried at the high court (later supreme court) in Blantyre, seven of whom were sentenced to death, finally hanged in early 1969 and buried in unmarked graves in Zomba.

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