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Are you passionate about Africa? Do issues pertaining to Peace, Justice, Egalitarianism and above all Truth really matter to you? If yes, then KEMET forum is a place for you to belong.

What is KEMET forum?

KEMET forum is a network of progressively minded Africans primarily aiming at critically discussing and disseminating the hidden, distorted, misrepresented or unspoken truth about the continent of Africa and also practically contributing to the efforts towards robust transformation of the lives of Africans in Africa.

When did KEMET forum start?

KEMET forum initially started in 2008 as a small e-mail list discussion of young adults of African descent scattered in Africa, North America, and Europe who were drawn from various professions i.e. IT and media practitioners, lawyers, lecturers, university students, researchers, entrepreneurs, trade unionists, civil society activists, engineers and architects etc.

The significant contribution of social media networks such as face book and twitter on the Arab awakening which started from North Africa in early 2011 served as an inspiration among a few participants within the e-mail list that subsequently resulted into discussions towards launching of KEMET forum in the second half of 2011.



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